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The contact information stored in this website is protected by a membership scheme. The UserBase software is used to manage new users.

Here is how this should happen:

  • Select "Register" below under "Get Started".
    or right click on "Register" and select "Open in a new window" to have these instructions available.
  • Enter a username - it's a good idea to write it down.
  • Enter your full (real) name (this helps determine which account is yours if there is a problem).
  • Enter the email address to receive notices (more below).
  • Enter a password - guidelines for "strong" passwords are shown.
  • Enter the same password again (this is pretty typical).
  • Click the "Sign Up" button.
  • Now, you should receive an email to the address that you specified. It will be from "".
    It will have a link to click to verify that it was indeed you that registered.
  • Now an admin must approve your new account - this should keep out spam bots and crashers from other classes.
  • When the account is approved, you should get another email informing you that the account is active.
  • You can return to the website and select "Login".
  • Enter your username from above and your password.
  • This should log you in and indicate at the bottom of the page, "Howdy [your username]".
  • Once, logged in, you should now be able to access the "members only" area on the "Alumni" page.

The group of WTW '69 folks that have acted as guinea pigs for this have had mixed results. If you have not remembered the correct username and password, you will get a login error.

If you are waiting for the confirmation email, check your spam folder - it has been in there for several folks.

You may just not get an email - some of these error out in the server's mail system. An admin will monitor the status of new accounts and will approve and activate the account manually. The admin will try to notify you by email. The approved account should then be good for logging-in.

If you have trouble or have questions, send email to Chuck Gibke

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this page updated 10 July 2018