Warren Travis White High School Class of 1969 - Graduate Roster

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Class of 1969 Graduates

Composite list from commencement program and DMN

  • Commencement - 526 graduates
  • The Dallas Morning News - 536 graduates
  • One bogus name (Stephen Scholosber) was removed from DMN
  • One class of 1970 (Paul Bradford) was removed from DMN, now 534 graduates
  • Combined - 538 graduates

Some "status" code definitions:

  • [blank] - contact information is unknown
  • confirmed - contact information found and verified
  • email - email contact has been established
  • partial - only part of the contact information has been verified
  • NI - not interested
  • PWA - probably won't attend
  • CA - contact attempted (email, voicemail, letter)
  • 60s - contact information from 2017 multiple 60s classes reunion (John Lloyd)
  • CBL - cannot be located
  • deceased - alumni is deceased

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name (A) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (A) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Marsha Coe Adams Adams, Marsha Coe confirmed
Elaine Albury Albury, Elaine NI
Robert Hammett Allen Allen, Robt. H. confirmed
Sharon Amberson Amberson, Sharon confirmed 68yb OoO
Jean Ann Ames Ames, Jean Ann confirmed
Charles Wesley Anderson Anderson, Charles W. confirmed
Patricia Frances Anderson Anderson, Patricia confirmed
Ross Scattergood Anderson Anderson, Ross S. confirmed
John Christian Arneson John Christian Arneson Arneson, John C. confirmed
Michael Warren Asbury Asbury, Michael W. confirmed
Stephen Douglas Asbury Asbury, Stephen D. confirmed
Phillip Lamoyne Atteberry Atterberry, P. L. NI spelling?!
David Lee Austin Austin, David L. confirmed
Ayers, Michael J. NI
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name (B) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (B) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Ricky Babisak Babisak, Ricky deceased d 4/17/2023
Sharon Louise Bailey Bailey, Sharon L. confirmed
Stephen Truman Baine Baine, Steven T. confirmed
Anne Elizabeth Balding Balding, Anne E. CA
Carroll June Ballard Ballard, Carol J. confirmed
Anne Bannon Bannon, Anne deceased d 5/3/2020
Camille Dearborne Barbosa Barbosa, Camille confirmed
Alyce Ann Baskin Baskin, Alyce A. confirmed
Michael David Bean Bean, Michael D. CA
Jean Louise Beauduy Beauduy, Jean L. CBL
William Lynn Bell Bell, Wm. Lynn confirmed
John Painter Benjamin Benjamin, John P. confirmed
Ann Berman Berman, Ann confirmed
Karen Lynn Bernat Bernat, Karen L. CA
Bruce Elder Billings Billings, Bruce E. confirmed
Ronda Sue Black Black, Rhonda Sue confirmed 67 annual - photo swapped with Sherry Black
Randall Loren Blair Blair, Randall L. deceased d2022
Martha Jowell Blanchette Blanchette, Martha confirmed
John Stanley Blosser Blosser, John S. confirmed
Sara Alice Bludworth Bludworth, Sara A. confirmed
Joan Boden Boden, Joan confirmed
Bolinger, Deborah CBL
Victoria Anne Booth Booth, Victoria, A. confirmed
Martha Suzanne Bowles Bowles, Martha S. confirmed
Dean LeRoy Boyd, Jr. Boyd, Dean L., Jr. confirmed
Bradford, Paul R. graduated 1970, deceased
Pamela Dianne Bradshaw Bradshaw, Pamela CA
Jeanne Louise Brakebill Brakebill, Jeanne confirmed commencement item hero
Kathleen Donohoo 'Kathy' Bramhall Kathleen Donohoo Bramhall Bramhell, Kath D. CBL
Maurice David 'David' Bresnen II Maurice David Bresnen Bresnen, Maurice D. deceased
Stanley Steven 'Steve' Briscoe Stanley Steven Briscoe Briscoe, Stanley S. deceased d2021
Stephen Harold Brooks Brooks, Stephen H. confirmed
Allan Gwynne 'Harry' Browell Allan Gwynne Browell Browell, Allan G. deceased b1950, d1982
Beth Eileen Brown Brown, Beth E. deceased d3/1/2018
Marsha Marie Brown Brown, Marsha M. confirmed
Michael Clark Brown Michael Clark Brown Brown, Michael C. CBL
Ralph Kilpatrick Brown Ralph Kilpatrick Brown Brown, Ralph K. deceased
John Robert Buchan Buchan, John Robt. deceased d2015
Rosalyn Elaine Burgess Burgess, Rosalyn CA
Sandra Annette Burk Burk, Sandra A. confirmed
Harrian Micha Burttschell Burttschell, H. M. confirmed
Marilyn Susan Byers Byers, Marilyn S. confirmed
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name (C) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (C) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Richard William Caley Caley, Richard Wm. confirmed
Robert Lee Callahan Callahan, Robt. Lee confirmed
Claudia Jane Campbell Campbell, Claudia J. deceased
David Berry Canty Canty, David B. deceased d2006
Karen Ann Carlson Carlson, Karen Ann partial
Sallie Jo Carlson Carlson, Sallie Jo confirmed
Larry Paul Carrington Sr. Carrington, Larry deceased graduated early, d2015
Nancy Ann Casteel Irby Nancy Ann Casteel Castell, Nancy Ann CA
Joan Catherine Cenci Cenci-Thomas Joan Catherine Cenci Ceci, Joan C. email
Juliann Gayle Chapman Chapman, Juliann confirmed
Gary Elbert Chatham Chatham, Gary E. confirmed
Chitwood, Blake A. deceased
Deborah Darlene Chrietzberg Chriestzberg, D. confirmed
Thomas Richard Clancy, Jr. Clancy, Thomas, Jr. deceased
James Burton Clark Clark, James B. confirmed
Joseph Alfred Clark, Jr. Clark, Joseph A., Jr. confirmed
Robert Emmons Closser Closser, Robt. E. CA
Toinette Lee Coe Coe, Toinette Lee confirmed
Kyle Wayne Coker Coker, Kyle Wayne confirmed
John Loftin Cole Cole, John Loftin confirmed
Thomas Edward Conklin Conklin, Thomas E. CA
Vicki Lynn Conrad Conrad, Vicki Lynn deceased d2016
Andrew Rutledge Cooper Cooper, Andrew R. confirmed
Candace Lynn Cooper Cooper, Candace L. confirmed
Patricia Ann Cooper Patricia Ann Cooper Cooper, Patricia CBL
John Gould Cotton Cotton, John G. confirmed
Timothy Matthew Crellin Crellin, Timothy M. deceased d7/28/2018
Deborah Gail Curry Curry, Deborah G. deceased
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name (D) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (D) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Dorothy Lynne Daeuble Daeuble, Dorothy confirmed
Kathleen Louise Dahly Dahly, Kathleen L. deceased
Robert Alan Dalrymple Dalrymple, Robt. confirmed
Dorothy D. Daniel Daniel, Dorothy D. CBL
Charles Marvin Daniels, III Daniels, Charles, III confirmed
Susan Dannelly Dannelly, Susan confirmed
Patricia Ann Davis Davis, Patricia A. confirmed
Sandra Kay Davis Sandra Kay Davis Davis, Sandra Kay CBL
Donna Leigh Day Day, Donna Leigh CA
Teresa Lynn Dayton Dayton, Teresa L. confirmed
Deborah Dean Dean, Deobrah confirmed
Richard Douglas DeGroot DeGroot, Richard D. confirmed
Dennis, James L. CBL also listed as 1970 grad
Karen Anne Dennis Dennis, Karen A. confirmed
Kathey Ann Denton Denton, Kathey Ann confirmed
Jacob Boaz 'Jack' Denur Jacob Boaz DeNur Denur, Jacob Boaz confirmed
Deborah Sue Derr Derr, Deborah Sue deceased
Laura Gray Detzel Detzel, Laura G. confirmed
Rebecca Suzanne Dick Dick, Rebecca S. confirmed
Janet Guyton Dixon Dixon, Janet G. confirmed
Michael D. Dodson Dodson, Michael D. CA
Randall Glen Dooley Dooley, Randall G. confirmed
Drake, David L. confirmed
Joseph Michael 'Joe' Driscoll Joseph Michael Driscoll Driscoll, Joseph M. confirmed
John Mack DuCote DuCote, John Mack CA
Maureene Peggy DuCote DuCote, Maureen deceased d2019
Paul William Duke Duke, Paul Wm. confirmed
Donna Jean Dunklin Dunklin, Donna J. CA
John Kirkby Dunlap Dunlap, John K. confirmed Commence-OoO
David Michael Dutton Dutton, David M. confirmed
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name (E) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (E) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Martin Frank Eastlack Martin Frank Eastlack Eastlack, Martin F. deceased
Ronda Idell Edlefsen Edlefsen, Ronda I. confirmed
Beverly Kay Edwards Edwards, Beverly deceased b1950-d7/2/2016
Mark Robert Ellingson Ellingson, Mark R. NI
Candace Yvonne Ellington Ellington, Candace deceased
Meredith Lou Ellis Ellis, Meredith confirmed
Jenelle Elaine English English, Jenelle confirmed
Mark Stanley Epstein Epstein, Mark S. CA
Roy Harold Etheredge Etheredge, Roy H. PWA in Australia
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name (F) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (F) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Linda Lee Ferguson Ferguson, Linda L. confirmed
Rebecca Jeane Ferguson Ferguson, Rebecca confirmed
Mary Margaret Ferrara Ferrara, Mary M. confirmed
Donna Dee Fishbein Fishbein, Donna D. confirmed
Flach, Walter B. CBL
Julia Rose Flanagan Flanagan, Julie CA
Sally Ann Flanders Flanders, Sally confirmed
Margie Dianne Flora Flora, Margie wd. confirmed
Kathleen Patricia Flynn Flynn, Kathleen confirmed
Margaret Diane Ford Ford, Margaret deceased
Jeanne Beth Fountain Fountain, Jeanne CA
Ronald Blake Fox Fox, Ronald B. partial
Marvin Charles Fraze Fraze, Marvin C. deceased
William Randolph Frazier Frazier Wm. R. confirmed
Gregory Jay Frenkel Frenkel, Gregory J. deceased d2022
Mildred Louise Fry Fry, Mildred L. confirmed
Vivian Kay Fulkerson Fulkerson, Vivian confirmed
Michael Soloman Furgatch Furgatch, Michael S. confirmed
Wayne Theodore Furstenwerth Furstenwerth, W. T. email
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name (G) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (G) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Lloyd Richard Galbreath Galbreath, Lloyd confirmed
Robert Gregory Gamble Gamble, Robt. G. CA
Robert Arthur Gaskill Sr. Robert Arthur Gaskill Gaskill, Robt. A. CA
Luz Maria Germain Luz Marie Germain Germain, Luz M. deceased born in Chile, naturalized in 1973
Mark Franklin Gershater Gershater, Mark F. confirmed
Debbie Sharon Gershman Gershman, Debbie confirmed
Charles Waugh Gibke Gibke, Charles W. confirmed
James Douglas Giffen Giffen, James D. deceased d11/2012
Celia Jan Gilbert Gilbert, Celia J. deceased d 12/30/2020
Gleboff, Patricia CBL
Paula Jo Godwin Godwin, Paula Jo confirmed
Patricia Lynn Gold Gold, Patricia deceased
Karen Lynn Golden Golden, Karen L. CA
Linda Janice Goodstein Goodstein, Linda confirmed
Susan Marilyn Goodstein Goodstein, Susan confirmed
Michael Spencer Gordon Gordon, Michael confirmed
James Richard Griffin Griffin, James R. confirmed
Thomas Lloyd Grimland Grimland, Thomas L. confirmed
George Gary Gruber Gruber, George G. deceased
Rance Wayland Guess Rance Wayland Guess+(Deceased) Guess, Rance W. deceased DMN: graduated posthumously
Brenda Joyce Guiling Guiling, Brenda confirmed
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name (H) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (H) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
John Wayne Hagar Hagar, John Wayne confirmed
Ellen Beth Hale Hale, Ellen Beth deceased d2023
Elizabeth Kay Haley Haley, Elizabeth K. confirmed
Terry Grant Halladay Halladay, Terry G. confirmed
George Morris Hancock, Jr. Hancock, Geo. M. Jr. confirmed
Shelagh Mary Hand Hand, Shelagh M. CBL
Catherine Haney Haney, Catherine confirmed
Paul Walter Hanneman Hanneman, Paul W. confirmed
Jeffrey Barnt Hansen Hansen, Jeffrey B. deceased
Franklin Joseph Harrell Harrell, Franklin confirmed
Roger Walton Harris Jr. Roger Walton Harris, Jr. Harris, Roger W., Jr. CA
Nancy Claire Harrison Harrison, Nancy C. confirmed
Sandra Lee Harrold Harrold, Sandra L. confirmed 65-OoO, 60s-OoO
Rhonda Kaye Harvey Harvey, Rhonda K. confirmed
Deborah Denise Haus Haus, Debrorah D. NI
Susan Hause Hause, Susan confirmed
Susan Elizabeth Head Head, Susan E. confirmed
Karen Jane Hearn Hearn, Karen Jane confirmed
Kenneth Alan Heck Heck, Kenneth A. deceased
Robert Harris Heiser, Jr. Heiser, Robt. H., Jr. confirmed
Linda Marie Hendricks Hendricks, Linda deceased d2022
John Alfred Herron, Jr. Herron, John A., Jr. confirmed
Edward Dunlap Hervey Hervey, Edward D. confirmed
Stanley Jay Hinson Hinson, Stanley J. confirmed
Richard Kent Hitt Richard Kent Hitt deceased
Mark William Hoffman Hoffman, Mark Wm. confirmed DMN OoO
Steven William Hoffman Hoffman, Steven Wm. CA
Kathleen Ann Hogan Hogan, Kathleen confirmed
Thomas Dale Holcomb Holcomb, Thomas D. deceased d 1/2018 SC
Ralph Bogle Holder Holder, Ralph B. confirmed
Susan Elizabeth Holgate Holgate, Susan E. CA
Lynn Hollingsworth Hollingsworth, Lynn confirmed
Nancy Joanne Hollis Hollis, Nancy J. CA
Patricia Calvert Holloway Patricia Calvert Holloway CBL
Sheryl Dorynda Hooker Hooker, Sheryl confirmed
Robert Boyd Horton Horton, Robt. Boyd confirmed
Martin Hotchkiss Hotchkiss, Martin confirmed
Sharalinda Howell Howell, Sharalinda deceased d6/28/2019
Albert Gorman Hubby, III Hubby, Albert, III deceased
Patricia Louise Humphreys Humphreys, Pat. I. CA
Elizabeth Mae Hunter Hunter, Elizabeth deceased
Gregory Darden Hutson Gregory Darden Hutson Hutson, Gregory D. deceased
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name (I) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (I) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Lynda Ruth Innes Innes, Lynda R. deceased d2016
Paula Louise Irwin Irwin, Paula L. confirmed
Stephen Kenneth 'Steve' Isaacson Stephen Kenneth Isaacson Isaacson, Stephen confirmed
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name (J) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (J) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Deana Marshelle Jacobs Jacobs, Deana M. confirmed
Judith Ann Jacobs Jacobs, Judith A. CBL
Nola Janice Jacobs Jacobs, Nola Janice CBL
Nancy Carolyn Jahnel Jahnel, Nancy C. confirmed
Lois Frances James James, Lois F. confirmed originally Lois Frances
Joseph Craig Jett Jett, Joseph Craig confirmed
Ernest Jerry Jilek, III Jilek, Ernest J. confirmed
Debra Jobson Jobson, Debra NI
Jency Ann Johnson Johnson, Jency A. confirmed
Michael Price Johnson Johnson, Michael P. CBL
James Donald Johnston Johnston, James D. CBL
Michael Ben Johnston Johnston, Michael B. confirmed
Gary Lewis Jordan Jordan, Gary Lewis confirmed
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name (K) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (K) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Christopher Kane Kane, Christopher confirmed
James Arthur 'Jim' Kappele James Arthur Kappele Kappele, James A. confirmed
Leonard Kaptain Kaptain, Leonard NI
Deborah Marie Karcher Karcher, Deborah M. confirmed
Charles Leonard Kazlow Kaslow, Charles L. confirmed
Ronald Floyd Keener, Jr. Keener, Ronald F., Jr. CA
Kathryn Marie Keese Keese, Kathryn M. deceased d 2/20/2024
Rebekah Mary Keith Keith, Rebekah M. confirmed
Gail Ann Kelley Kelley, Gail Ann confirmed
Marcia Jeanne Kelley Kelley, Marcia J. confirmed
Russell Everett Kempe Kempe, Russell E. confirmed
Howard William Kenyon Kenyon, Howard Wm. email
Todd Neal Kephart Kephart, Todd Neal confirmed
Byron Stephens Kilpatrick Kilpatrick, Byron CBL
Gordon Robert King, III King, Gordon R., III confirmed 65-OoO
Ronald Hall King King, Ronald Hall confirmed
Sharman King King, Sharman confirmed
Harry Leroy Kistner, Jr. Kistner, Larry L., Jr. deceased
Karen Lynn Knappenberger Knappenberger, K. deceased d2023
Kopf, Jennifer deceased d: 2015
Robert Pitt Kornegay Kornegay, Robt. Pitt deceased
Edward Norris Kremer Kremer, Edward N. confirmed
Michael Albert 'Mike' Kriss Michael Albert Kriss Kriss, Michael A. confirmed
Ann Helen Kristovich Kristovich, Ann CA
Richard Roy Kunkel Kunkel, Richard L. partial
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name (L) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (L) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Denise Cecile Lalla Lalla, Denice C. confirmed
Honey Lamb Lamb, Honey confirmed
Ben Charles Lambeth Ben Charles Lambeth Lambeth, Ben C. PWA
Susan Jo Lambeth Lambeth, Susan Jo confirmed
Robert Whitaker Landrum Robert Whitaker Landrum Landrum, Robt. W. CBL
Gayla Arnette Larsen Larsen, Gayla A. confirmed
Scott Laine Larsen Larsen, Scott L. confirmed
Robert Mason Lawler Lawler, Robert Mason confirmed
Mary Anne Leahy Leahy, Mary Anne deceased d: 1/10/2024
Michael Clifford Lee Lee, Michael C. deceased
Sherry Lynn Lee Lee, Sherry Lynn deceased
Debra Ann Levin Levin, Debra Ann confirmed
Marilyn Faye Levine Levine, Marylin F. confirmed
Hallie Cavett Lewis Lewis, Hallie C. deceased 20th-OoO, d: 8/26/2022
Joanne Marie Lewis Lewis, Joanne M. confirmed
Lillian Beth Liebenson Liebenson, Lillian confirmed
John Michael Lieber Lieber, John M. confirmed
Mark Henry Liepman Liepman, Mark H. confirmed
Samuel Louis Ligon, Jr. Ligon, Samuel W. Jr. deceased d: 12/2012
Melissa Victoria Liles Liles, Melissa V. confirmed
Robert Land Liles Liles, Robert L. confirmed
Maurine Louise Lloyd Lloyd, Maurine L. confirmed
Deborah Mae Lobb Lobb, Deborah Mae confirmed
Thomas Keller Loughborough Loughborough, T. confirmed
Thomas Paul Louis Louis, Thomas P. CA
Stephen Frederic Lowe Lowe, Stephen F. deceased d: 2010
Susan Evelyn Luce Luce, Susan E. CBL
Sandra Jean Ludwig Ludwig, Sandra J. confirmed
Cynthia Robin Lynch Lynch, Cynthia confirmed
Jeffrey Clarence Lynn Lynn, Jeffrey C. confirmed
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name (M) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (M) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Karin Mary Magoni Magoni, Karin M. CA
Donn Randall Magruder Magruder, Donn R. confirmed
James Gerald Maher Maher, James G. confirmed
Sarah Louise Majors Majors, Sarah L. confirmed
Mary Alice Malone Malone, Mary A. confirmed
John Robert Manser, Jr. Manser, John R. Jr. confirmed
Susan Marshall Marshall, Susan confirmed originally Susan
Michael Lee Martel Martel, Michael L. deceased
Gene Robert Martin Martin, Gene Robt. deceased
James Lawrence Martin, Jr. Martin, James L., Jr. confirmed 65-OoO
William Michael Martin Martin, Wm. Michael email
Judy Anne Mattingly Mattingly, Judy A. confirmed
Melody Gay Maynard Maynard, Melody G. deceased d
Kelly Franklin McCann, Jr. McCann, Kelly F., Jr. confirmed
Jacalyn Jill McClure McClure, Jacalyn J. NI
Sharon Lorene McConnell McConnell, Sharon L. CBL
Thomas Michael 'Tom' McCormick Thomas Michael McCormick McCormick, Thomas CBL
Janet Sue McCreary McCreary, Janet S. CBL
Weldon Earle McDaniel Weldon Earle McDaniel McDaniel, Weldon CBL
James Michael 'Jim' McDermott James Michael McDermott McDermott, James CA
John Richard McDonald McDonald, John R. deceased
Roger Leck McDonald Roger Leck McDonald McDonald, Roger L. deceased
Nancy Suzanne McDonel McDonel, Nancy S. CBL
William Francis McEvoy McEvoy, Wm. F. confirmed
Patricia Ann McNeely McNeely, Patricia confirmed
James Patrick McNulty McNulty, James P. confirmed
Grant Dale McQueen Grant Dale McQueen McQueen, Grant D. CBL
Sharon Lea McQueen Barnes Sharon Lea McQueen McQueen, Sharon L. confirmed
Mazel Melburn Merrill, Jr. Merrill, Mazel M., Jr. deceased d2005
David Timothy Mersky Mersky, David T. confirmed
Hugh Stephens Mewhinney Mewhinney, Hugh S. confirmed
Robert Charles Miller Miller, Robt. C. CBL
Frank Lee Mitchell Mitchell, Frank L. confirmed
Sandra Jean Mitchell Mitchell, Sandra confirmed
Sylvia Ann Molina Molina, Sylvia Ann CBL
Charles Donald Montgomery, Jr. Montgomery, C., Jr. confirmed 65-OoO
Gwynne Ann Montgomery Montgomery, G. CA
Mary Elyse Mook Mook, Mary Elyse CA
Carolyn Joyce Moore Moore, Carolyn J. CA
Dorothy Jean Moore Moore, Dorothy J. CBL
Kay Moore Moore, Kay deceased d2020
Sheila Ruth Moore Moore, Sheila Ruth CBL
Nancy Lee Myers Myers, Nancy Lee CBL
Myrick, Gary George email
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name (N) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (N) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Michael Leonard Neary Neary, Michael L. confirmed
Donald Jerome Nelson Nelson, Donald J. confirmed 69yb-OoO
Eric Isham Pushmataha Nelson Nelson, Eric Isam deceased
James Michael Nelson Nelson, James M. confirmed
Sheila Jean Nelson Nelson, Sheila J. confirmed
Julia Jean Newsom Newsom, Julia J. confirmed
Barbara Florence Nichols Nichols, Barbara F. deceased d2013
Emily Marie Nilsson Nilsson, Emily M. confirmed
Darryl Dean Nix Nix, Darryl Dean confirmed
Gary Everett Nix Nix, Gary Everett deceased d1992
Steven Keith Nodeland Nodeland, Steven K. CA
Christiane Ellen Norris Norris, Christiane deceased name change after HS, d1984
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name (O) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (O) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Jami Lee Odell Odell, Jami Lee CA
Mark Benjamin Odom Mark Benjamin Odom Odom, Mark B. CA
Susan Marie Oftebro Oftebro, Susan M. confirmed no email
Gary Ray Ohlig Ohlig, Gary Ray CA
Elizabeth Alma Oliver Oliver, Elizabeth confirmed 65-OoO, 60s-OoO
Katherine Janine Oliver Oliver, Katherine confirmed
Nancy Ann Oliver Oliver, Nancy Ann confirmed
Marilyn Osborn Osborn, Marilyn J. confirmed
Judi Marie Ostman Ostman, Judi Marie deceased d3/6/2006
Linda Patricia O'Sullivan O'Sullivan, Linda P. confirmed
Phil Alan Oxley Oxley, Phil Alan email
Barbara Sherrin Oxman Oxman, Barbara S. confirmed
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name (P) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (P) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
William Randall Palmer Palmer, Wm. R. confirmed
Constance Ann Palousek Palousek, Constance confirmed
Rebecca Lynn Parker Parker, Rebecca L. confirmed
Cynthia Ann 'Cindy' Parkhill Wagoner Cynthia Ann Parkhill Parkhill, Cynthia CA
Molly Evelyn Parman Parman, Molly E. confirmed
Deborah Ann Patten Patten, Deborah A. deceased
Michael Burt Patterson Patterson, Michael confirmed
Patricia Ann Patterson Patterson, Patricia CBL
Patricia Ann Peale Gordon Patricia Ann Peale Peale, Patricia confirmed
Thomas Rodman Peasner, III Peasner, T., III deceased
David Alan Peck Peck, David Alan deceased d1996
Mary Ann Peck Peck, Mary Ann confirmed
Raymond Andre 'Ray' Penard Raymond Andre Penard Penard, Raymond deceased
Paula Ann Perkins Perkins, Paula A. confirmed
Daniel James Perrett, III Perrett, Danell, III confirmed
Karen Sue Petty Petty, Karen Sue confirmed
Gene Douglas Phillips Phillips, Gene D. deceased d2012, no details
Philip Paul Phillips Phillips, Philip P. confirmed
Brian Randolph Pickett Pickett, Brian R. deceased d2022
Cheryl Diane Piercy Piercy, Cheryl deceased d9/2023
Tamis Elizabeth Pillsbury Pillsbury, Tamis E. confirmed now living in Greece
Timothy Frank Pitts Pitts, Timothy Frank deceased
Richard Alan Plum Plum, Richard Alan confirmed
Cheryl Ruth Pochyla Pochyla, Cheryl confirmed
Margaret Mary Pokorney Pokorney, Margaret confirmed husband's email
Dea Grayce Pope Pope, Dea G. confirmed
Lea Loraine Pope Pope, Lea Loraine confirmed
David Lee Potts Potts, David Lee deceased d 1977?
Joan Alaire Powell Powell, Joan Alaire confirmed
Penney Presnall Presnall, Penney deceased deceased, 7/2/2000
Cheryl Ann Proctor Proctor, Cheryl A. CBL
Margaret Ann Pugh Pugh, Margaret A. CBL
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name (R) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (R) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
James Steven Rambin Randin, James S. deceased
La Mott Fitz Randolph III LaMott Fitz Randolph, III Randolph, LaM., III CBL
Robert Stephen Ratcliff Ratcliff, Robt. W. deceased d2016
Stephen Aaron Raub Raub, Stephen A. confirmed
Rebecca Elizabeth Read Read, Rebecca E. confirmed
Ronnie Clayton Rector Ronnie Clayton Rector Rector, Ronnie C. email
Sharon Katy Reddick Reddick, Sharon K. NI
Donovan Craig Reese Reese, Donovan C. confirmed
Robert Gerald Relyea Relyea, Robt. Gerald confirmed
James Branch 'Jim' Reveley III James Branch Reveley, III Reveley, I, III deceased d2022
Cynthia Eileen Reynolds Reynolds, Cynthia CBL
Schuyler Theis Rice Rice, Schyuler Theis confirmed
Anita Susan Rich Rich, Anita Susan confirmed
Michael Richards Richards, Michael confirmed lost at sea
Michael Dennis Richards Richards, Michael D. confirmed
Blair Rider Rider, Blair confirmed
Cynthia Lynn Riggin Riggin, Cynthia L. deceased d2023
Walter West Riley Riley, Walter West deceased
Austin Allen Roach Roach, Austin Allen deceased
Cathy Jean Roberts Roberts, Cathy J. CBL
Elizabeth Nanette Roberts Roberts, Elizabeth confirmed 65-?
Janet Lee Roberts Roberts, Janet Lee+(twice) CBL married name?
Ren Howell Roberts Roberts, Ren Howell confirmed
Nancy Annette Robertson Robertson, Nancy confirmed
Kathy Lynn Robinson Robinson, Kathy confirmed
Susan Garth Robinson Robinson, Susan G. confirmed
Ronan, Daniel J. deceased d2013, also listed on 1970 website
Jayne Cecile Rose Rose, Jayne C. NI
John Oscar Rose Rose, John Oscar NI
Miriam Patrice Rose Rose, Miriam P. deceased d: 10/23/2021
David Bennett Rosen Rosen, David B. confirmed
Robbie Jo Ross Ross, Robbie Jo email
Steven Ansel 'Steve' Ross Steve Ansel Ross Ross, Steve Anel confirmed
Jacquelyn Sue Rotter Rotter, Jacquelyn CBL
Bruce Craig Rowland Rowland, Bruce C. confirmed
Doris Joanne Ruhland Ruhland, Doris J. CA
Cynthia Ann Russell Russell, Cynthia A. CBL
Wade Hedrick Russell Russell, Wade H. confirmed
Timothy John Ryan Ryan, Timothy John confirmed
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name (S) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (S) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Mark Edwin Sampson Sampson, Mark E. confirmed
Patricia Maureen Sanders Sanders, Patricia CA
Bethany Carolina Satterwhite Satterwhite, Bethany CBL
Thomas Richard Savard Thomas Richard Savard Savard, Thomas R. confirmed
Ronald James Sawall Sawall, Ronald J. confirmed
Kristin Scheffey Scheffey, Kristin confirmed
Peter Joseph Schietinger Schietinger, Peter CBL
Stephen Bryson Schiller Schiller, Stephen B. confirmed
Paul Edward Schlosberg Schlosberg, Paul E. confirmed
Karen Sue Scott Scott, Karen Sue confirmed
John Ludlow Seale Seale, John Ludslow confirmed
Darryl Loy Seeley Seeley, Darryl L. deceased
John Sheldon Seidel deceased d2/16/2013
Kathryn Ann Sellers Sellers, Katheryn deceased
Gloria Lynne Sellman Sellman, Gloria confirmed
Howard Lee Seltzer Seltzer, Howard A+Seltzer, Hward A confirmed
Charles Michael 'Chuck' Servizio Charles Michael Servizio Servizio, Charles confirmed
Clark Albert Seymour Seymour, Clark A. confirmed
Mark Richard Seymour Seymour, Mark R. confirmed
Donald Alan Shapiro Shapiro, Donald A. confirmed
Jay Michael Sheaffer Sheaffer, Jay M. confirmed
William Dean Sheetz Sheetz, Wm. Dean confirmed
Jannette Lynn Sheffield Sheffield, Jannette confirmed
Kristi Martha Shellebarger Shellebarger, Kristi confirmed
Lloyd Wayne Shinn Shinn, Lloyd W. deceased d4/24/2018
Suzanne Siegley Siegley, Suzanne NI
David Murray Simmons Simmons, David M. CBL
Andrea Sue Singer Singer, Andrea S. confirmed
Elizabeth Ann Sistrunk Bray Elizabeth Ann Sistrunk Sistrunk, Elizabeth CA
Larry Harlan Skaggs Larry Harlan Skaggs Skaggs, Larry H. deceased d2021
Carolyn Jeanne Skinner Skinner, Carolyn J. confirmed
Bonnie Lynn Skrodzki Skrodzki, Bonnie confirmed
Sharon Ann Slack Slack, Sharon Ann confirmed
Janice Lee Small Small, Janice Lee CBL
Deborah Mary Smith Smith, Deborah M. CA
Guy Douglas Smith, III Smith, Guy D., III confirmed 65-OoO
Lynnette Smith Smith, Lynnette NI
Marcus Gerald Smith Smith, Marcus G. confirmed
Raymond Eldra Smith, Jr. Smith, Raymond, Jr. deceased 65-OoO, d2023
William Jace Smith Smith Wm. Jace CBL
Nancy Margaret Snyder Snyder, Nancy M. confirmed
Carol Lynn Solomon Soloman, Carol L. confirmed
Virgil Wayne Solomon, III Solomon, Virgil, III confirmed
Michael Lane Sorlie Sorlie, Michael L. CBL
Sylvia Spangler Spangler, Sylvia NI
Roland Brogden Spence Spence, Roland B. confirmed
Harriet Lynn Spiegel Spiegel, Harriet L. confirmed
Michael Spencer Spring Spring, Michael S. confirmed
Clyde Howard Springen Springen, Clyde H. confirmed
Amy Louise Stacy Stacy, Amy Louise CA
Gary Wayne Stanley Stanley, Gary W. CA
Clark Hayden Stearns Stearns, Clark H. confirmed
Curtis Hugh Steinhour Steinhour, Curtis confirmed
Carol Lu Stewart Stewart, Carol Lu CBL
Deborah Lee Stoll Stoll, Deborah L. confirmed
Jocelyn Ramona Stone Stone, Jocelyn R. deceased
Richard Dell Stooksberry Stooksbery, Richard confirmed
David Eugene Suchey Suchey, David E. CA
Ann Swanson Swanson, Ann CBL
Gary Patrick Swindle Swindle, Gary P. confirmed
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name (T) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (T) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Joseph Onofrio 'Joe' Tafelski Joseph Onofrio Tafelski Tafelski, Joseph confirmed
Shirley Anne Tafelski Tafelski, Shirley A. CA Joe's cousin, in poor health
Lawrence Rand Tagg Tagg, Lawrence R. confirmed
Karen Lane Tankersley Tankersley, Karen CA
Dona Marguerite Tardiff Reinders Dona Marguerite Tardiff Tardiff, Dona M. CA
James Keith Tarpley Tarpley, James K. confirmed
Leon Thomas 'Tom' Tayloe III Leon Thomas Tayloe, III Tayloe, Leon T., III confirmed
Henry Grady Terrill, III Terrill, Henry G.+(twice) confirmed
Lutricia Christine Terry Terry, Lutricia C. CA
Rebecca Gail Thames Thomas, Rebecca CA
Deborah Ann Thomas Thomas, Deborah A. CBL
Mary Elizabeth Thomas Thomas, Mary E. confirmed
Belinda Ann Thompson Thompson, Belinda CBL
Jack Edward Thompson Thompson, Jack E. confirmed
James Philip Thompson Thompson, James P. deceased d1996
Michael David Thompson Thompson, Michael confirmed
Larry Edwin Thronson Thornson, Larry E. confirmed
Patricia Ann Trabits Trabits, Patricia A. CA
Merrill David Tracey Tracey, Merrill D. confirmed
Karen Sue Trenckmann Trenchmann, Karen deceased d2015
Wiltz Braley Trible, III Trible, Wiltz B., III confirmed
Michael Shannon Turner Turner, Michael S. deceased
Stephanie Margaret Turner Turner, Stephanie confirmed
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name (U) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (U) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Kandais Kay Underwood Underwood, Kandais confirmed
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name (V) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (V) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Kurt Austin Vander-Meulen Vandermuelen, Kurt confirmed
James Henry Vandersteen Vandersteen, James deceased d4/14/1987
Nancy Lea Varner Eubanks Nancy Lea Varner Varner, Nancy Lee NI
Carol Vaughan Vaughan, Carol CA
Marc Timothy Vaughan Marc Timothy Vaughan Vaughan, Marc T. deceased d11/18/2016
Marilyn Jean Volpe Volpe, Marilyn J. confirmed
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name (W) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (W) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Robert Randall Wadley Wadley, Robt. R. confirmed
James Robert Wagner Wagner, James R. NI
Deborah Walker Walker, Deborah confirmed
Melinda Walker Walker, Melinda deceased
Michael Bruce Wallace Wallace, Michael confirmed
Cheryl Lynne Ward Ward, Cheryl L. confirmed
Robert Shelton Ware Ware, Robt. S. deceased
Robert Lee Warne Robert Lee Warne deceased d2008
Adrienne Elaine Warren Warren, Adrienne confirmed
Thomas Carey Wehrle Wehrle, Thomas C. confirmed now Tom Collins
Robin Tod Weiss Weiss, Robin Todd confirmed
Marilyn Jean Wells Wells, Marilyn Jean deceased d2018
Ellen Lee West West, Ellen Lee confirmed
Marianne Whitfield Whitfield, Marianne confirmed
Kenneth Wesley Whitson Whitson, Kenneth W. confirmed
Cynthia Anne Whittington Whittington, C. Anne CA
Frank Cleve Wiley Wiley, Frank Cleve deceased d2021
Duncan Fanning Williams Duncan Fanning Williams Williams, Duncan F. CA
Brian Duff Williamson Williamson, Brian confirmed
Pamela Cecile Wilson Wilson, Pamela C. CA
William Oliver 'Bill' Wilson William Oliver Wilson Wilson, Wm. Oliver email 60s: OoO
Denise Eileen Winholt Winholt, Denise E. deceased
Thomas LeRoy Witt Witt, Thomas Leroy deceased
Mary Patricia Wood Wood, Mary P. confirmed
Bruce Ray Woodin Woodin, Bruce Ray confirmed
Kay Woodruff Woodruff, Kay CBL
Eleanor Ann Wooldridge Wooldridge, E. Ann confirmed
Sherryl Ann Woolston Woolston, Sherryl confirmed
Melinda Lea Works Works, Melinda L. deceased
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name (Y) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (Y) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Jesse Harold York York, Jesse Harold CA
Nancy Carolyn Young Young, Nancy C. confirmed
Patricia Leigh Young Young, P. Leigh confirmed
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name (Z) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
name (Z) commencement grad graduated DMN status notes
Joseph John Zavislan Zavislan, Joseph deceased
Christopher Albert Zelens Zelens, Christopher partial
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Saga 69

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